This looks really hard to assemble...

A: It’s not that hard! Honest. If you follow our instructions, you’ll be up and lighting in about 20 minutes. (It’s a great Sunday night activity.) And remember, you only have to build it once!

What kind of light bulb should I use?

A: For safety and environmental reasons, we strongly recommend the use of CFL (compact fluorescent) or LED light bulbs. If you plan on using an incandescent, keep it below 40 watts.

How big is the globe?

A: Roughly 13 inches across.

What is Loomi made of?

A: Loomi is made from a matte card-stock that lends itself well to crafting.

Where can I find inspiration for Loomi crafting?

A: Check out our Creations and Facebook galleries for some great ideas! And don’t fret if you’re not feeling crafty, Loomi looks just as beautiful in plain white.

How can I share my Loomi creation pics?

A: Just send your pics and quick description to! We love it when people share.

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